Volunteers Lauded During Annual FCVFRA Awards Ceremony
By Susie Nicol
April 19, 2022

WALKERSVILLE – Emergency services personnel from across the county were lauded Monday night for their dedication as they serve their communities.

Among those honored during the annual Frederick County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association awards ceremony were people who work hard behind the scene as well as responders who not only answered the calls, but saved lives.

“Daily, our volunteers proudly and competently serve their neighbors in need,” Volunteer Chief Shane Darwick told the crowd. “…But, not all of our dedicated volunteers respond to emergencies, many are unsung heroes who work diligently at many fundraising events helping to provide firefighting equipment, apparatus and fire stations.”

Frederick County Fire Chief Tom Coe remarked: “Tonight, you will hear about heroic acts performed during responses to complex incidents as well as stories of lifetimes of service performed for our fire departments. The stories you hear are just a snapshot of the hundreds of thousands of hours of service that the volunteer members of our service provide annually.”

Coe lauded everyone involved including administrators and non-responders. “Thank you for stepping up to the plate to answer your community’s call for assistance when they need it most. You continue to truly make a difference in the lives of your neighbors.”

The Clint Hughes Departmental Fire Prevention Award was presented to Graceham Volunteer Fire Company for its use of social media to inform the public about life safety and fire prevention practices and precautions to prevent contracting COVID.

Stacy Lakin, of Jefferson Volunteer Fire Company, received the James H. Stavely III Fire Prevention Award for her individual efforts to teach children about fire prevention and life safety. She helped organize and participated in First Responder Days at the elementary schools and daycare centers in her area. She engaged the children at an age appropriate level about fire safety, knowing their two ways out, stop drop and roll and to never hide from a firefighter.

The Louise Lenhart Auxiliary Encouragement Award was presented to Sherri Duvall, of Jefferson Volunteer Fire Company,for her dedication to supporting the fire company. Sherri serves on several committees, is the “resident” baker making pies and cakes for fundraisers, watches the children of responders so the equipment can get on the street and makes sure the children are included in all station gatherings by providing games and activities for them.

Angie Brown of Ladies Auxiliary of Junior fire Company #2 earned the Cletta Abrecht Auxiliary Member of the Year for 2021. She has been a member since 1984 and has served as Chaplain for 32 years. Her dedication and willingness to support the organization has been demonstrated throughout her 37 years of continual participation in multiple projects and committees.

Dalen Hahn, of Walkersville Volunteer Fire Company, was the recipient of the Winona “Winnie” Crum Rookie of the Year. Dalen completed nearly 120 hours of formal classes and informal station training since joining in November 2020. His eagerness to learn makes him the ideal rookie. He volunteered to work fundraising events where no task was too hard or menial. He is a great asset to Walkersville Fire Company and the community.

The Charles “Mutt” Deater, Jr. Apprentice of the Year is given to a member who is under the age of 18.
Luke Stevens, of Middletown Volunteer Fire Company, is this year’s recipient. Luke is a third generation volunteer firefighter/EMT. He has completed numerous formal classes as well as in-station trainings. He is a senior at Middletown High School and responds to calls when he is available. Luke is truly dedicated to honing his skills in the fire and rescue service with the hope of becoming a career firefighter.

The Everett W. Gaver Department/Church/Community Service Award was presented to Dale Wolf of Wolfsville Volunteer Fire Company. He is an active member since 1968. Besides volunteering at the fire company, Dale is a dedicated volunteer at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, the German Reformed Cemetery Corporation and the Wolfsville Ruritan Club. He has been a part of the Fredrick County Sheriff’s Community Assistance Volunteer Program since 2019. He is truly a man who believes in giving back to his community.

Linda Grossnickle, of Walkersville Volunteer Fire Company, earned the Robert L. Renner Departmental Service Award. In 2021 she took over as the company’s secretary with its multitude of important tasks. She continued to work fundraising events especially the weekly bingo and the carnival. She leads and assists in the constant cleaning demands of both the fire station, the carnival buildings and restrooms. Linda has earned the respect and gratitude for all her hard work from the fire company members.

The Mumma Outstanding Service Award was presented to Joanne Baum, of Walkersville Volunteer Fire Company. Joanne handles all the administrative duties with the LOSAP program for the company, an ardous task requiring accuracy and attention to detail. She serves her community through the nationwide organization, Daughters of the American Revolution by holding executive positions for both the state of Maryland and Frederick County.

The Milliard M. “Mick” Mastrino Instructor/Safety Award was presented to Alan Staley, of Walkersville Volunteer Fire Company. Alan has refocused the monthly training drills to topics related to the season, such as a refresher drill on chimney fires in the fall. He holds impromptu trainings when the opportunity presents itself. One example, when a discussion of rope rescues started, Alan seized the opportunity to refresh everyone’s skills. Alan is assistant chief with 18 years of firefighting experience. He uses that experience to mentor new officers and gives them more opportunities to expand their skills

Firefighters and EMTs need to continually train to learn new skills and refresh seldom used skills to maintain proficiency through participation in formal training as well as station drills. The Fire/Rescue Department Training Award was earned in 2021 by the following companies:

1st Place Myersville Volunteer Fire Company with 214 hours per volunteer
2nd Place New Market District Volunteer Fire Company with 183 hours per volunteer
3rd Place United Steam Fire Engine Company No. 3 with 97 hours per volunteer

Teresa Demory-Taylor of Brunswick Volunteer Ambulance & Rescue Company is the recipient of the Dr. James Marrone EMS Member of the Year. Teresa has 22 years of experience serving as an EMT. During COVID, she continued to respond to calls as well as her duties as company secretary. Teresa has been a strong leader in Community Safety Days, Brunswick Railroad Days and at BVARC’s Open House events by establishing a blood pressure check station. She has excelled in the recruitment of new members for the company. Teresa is and continues to be a vital asset to the Brunswick Volunteer Ambulance & Rescue Company.

The EMS Medal of Valor was presented to Jamontrez Williams, of Junior Fire Company No. 2. He joined the company in November of 2019 and eagerly took advantage of every opportunity afforded him to achieve the training and experience required to become an operational firefighter and EMT. On June 23rd, 2021 units from Walkersville were dispatched to a call for a pediatric patient reported to have a decreased level of consciousness. Jamontrez happen to be in the area and went to investigate. Upon arrival at the pool, he observed a teenage girl’s lifeless body submerged face down at the bottom of the pool. Although there were other individuals around, no one had attempted to rescue the girl. Jamontraz jumped into the pool and retrieved the young girl from the bottom. Relying on his training and experience, he assessed the victim and began CPR. Upon the arrival of the EMS units, the patient was sitting up, alert and conscious. She was flown to John Hopkins Pediatrics for further evaluation. For his quick action in rescuing and resuscitating the teenage girl, Jamontrez Williams is awarded the EMS Medal of Valor.

The Firefighter of the Year was awarded to Jason Loveless, of Middletown Volunteer Fire Company. He has worked his way up the ranks, currently serving as Assistant Chief. Jason is consistently a top responder. He serves many hours as Duty Officer and Station Standby. Jason has spearheaded the establishment of the Frederick County Wildland Team, which was the first in Maryland. He continues to maintain the Wildland Trailer by restocking and keeping it clean and in working order. He holds impromptu training sessions passing on his knowledge of new techniques in rescuing and ways to save and protect lives.

Firefighter Medal of Valor was presented to Joshua Barrett, of Walkersville Volunteer Fire Company. Joshua was on Engine Tanker 114 responding to the Ball Road Fire. While in route, a Mayday was transmitted. Josh was assigned to the garage for fire attack. A firefighter from New Market District Volunteer Fire Company was on nozzle and Josh was second on the handline. There was very limited visibility in the garage. Soon after they started their attack, Josh was able to determine there was a hole in the flooring. The firefighter on the nozzle had not seen it and was still attempting to move forward. Quickly, Josh grabbed the top strap on the back of the other firefighter’s SCBA, pulling him back from the hole. Realizing the dangers within the garage, the crews tried to attack in a different way. The scene was stressful and very dangerous, but Josh was able to maintain situational awareness, clear mind and skill which prevented injury to a fellow firefighter.

Capt. Mark Lakin of Jefferson Volunteer Fire Company, was presented the Michael Wilcom Officer of the Year Award. Mark is consistently a top responder. He is the chief’s go to guy for all the behind the scene tasks. He repairs and maintains equipment, completes reports, and serves as the go-between for the career staff and volunteers. Because of his vast knowledge and experience, he is able to mentor all members, old and new, at fire and EMS scenes. He can operate any piece of equipment in the fire house. Mark helps with fundraising events, fire prevention and maintaining the equipment and fire station. He is respected by all members.

Alan Brauer, Sr., of Rocky Ridge Volunteer Fire Company, earned the Bruce L. Reeder, Sr. “Golden” Service Award for his nearly 60 years of dedicated service. He is also a member of Thurmont Ambulance Company and Frederick County Hazardous Incident Response Team. Alan has held line officer positions as well as administrative officer positions for his company. He is Captain of the Rocky Ridge Fire Police. He has served on various committees for Rocky Ridge VFC. Alan was elected as Secretary for the Frederick County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association, served as chair of the Fire Prevention Committee and served on the Executive Committee. He provides Hazmat Refresher and CPR Refresher classes for local volunteer companies. Alan has developed and implemented compliance training for biotech, general and construction industries across the country. He was awarded the Milliard Mastrino Award from FCVFRA and named State Instructor of the year from MSFA. Alan takes great pride in volunteer service.

Steven Stull of Lewistown District Volunteer Fire Department exemplifies the true meaning of the Heart of the Volunteer Award. Steve has served the community since 1976. He has consistently been one of the top responders and top LOSAP hours worker. Steve has diabetes and Parkinson’s Disease. In 2021 he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer for which he underwent surgery to remove cancerous organs. One week after discharge from the hospital, Steve was back at the station programming the Bingo machine. Although he is undergoing chemotherapy, Steve continues to serve in any way he is able.

The 10 people were selected to the FCVFRA Hall of Fame include:

• Eugene Estes – Middletown VFC
• Darrell Johnson – New Midway VFC
• Todd Johnson – Junior Fire Co.
• Thomas Lakin – Jefferson VFC
• Wayne Lewis – Wolfville VFC
• Lisa Miller – Middletown VFC
• William Shadle Sr. -- New Midway VFC
• Kimberly Shelton – Junior Fire Co.
• Nelson Smith – Brunswick Vol. Ambulance/Rescue
• Leon Stover Jr. – Rocky Ridge VFC

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